The Patient Access Collaborative (PAC) is an invitation-only community. A health system may apply for consideration of membership. Invitations are extended to those health systems that meet the following membership criteria:

• Represents a large, multi-specialty ambulatory enterprise with a core academic and teaching mission centered on its school of medicine; or, are a large, multi-specialty ambulatory enterprises of a freestanding children’s hospital or a PPS-exempt cancer hospital with a core academic and teaching mission; and
• Actively involved in access-related improvements; and
• Agrees to actively partner, share data, network, and collaborate with other PAC members.

Membership is reviewed and determined by our Board of Advisors. Any employee of an invited institution may join and enjoy the full benefits of membership. Contractors or consultants are not allowed to join.

Children’s Hospitals may inquire to receive an invitation to the Children’s Hospital Access Collaborative, a group embedded within the larger organization known collectively as the Patient Access Collaborative.

Applying for Membership

Patient Access Collaborative memberships are for an organization as a whole. Click the button below to submit your organization's application for PAC membership. 

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