Wrap Codes: A Treasure Chest

Wrap codes – or wrap-up codes – are used by contact center agents to identify the disposition of a call. The code, which is selected by the agent at the conclusion of the call from a dictionary of options in the telecommunications system, identifies the nature of the call. A simple concept, but not one that is always well executed.

Let’s first understand the value of using wrap codes. How many times does a stakeholder ask: “How many calls about appointments is your team getting?”; “Do you make an appointment for the patients for most calls?”; “Why don’t patients schedule appointments?” etc. Although wrap codes can’t answer all questions, they can provide significant insight into the nature of calls if designed with intention.

Next, look into the functionality of your telecommunication system. When and how does the agent select a wrap code? Is it a seamless process – or will it add to the agent’s after-call workload (if so, what are the implications?)? How many wrap codes can be created for agents to use? If you’re not yet using them – or don’t know how they are used, contact your telecommunication systems support team.

Then, identify the approach. Consider identifying wrap codes that reflect the typical disposition of your calls – but dig a little deeper than just “appointment” or “message.” Consider, for example, identifying calls for which appointments were scheduled outside of a designated time frame based on patient preference. Determine if the wrap codes can help you identify which calls meet the criteria for “first-call resolution” – and which don’t. (See below for sample wrap code sets, as graciously provided by PAC members Sadiqa Horne, RN, BSN, Mount Sinai; and Vivian Zhao, Johns Hopkins Medicine) Train your agents on using wrap codes, to include how they are defined. (If there is confusion about which code to use based on various circumstances, your data won’t be as valuable.) Consistency is key, as the trends are the real value proposition for wrap codes. If you change the codes, you’ll lose the intelligence.

Wrap codes can be a treasure chest of information for your contact center – and the stakeholders who are asking the bevy of questions that can’t be answered by other means.

View Sample Wrap Codes

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