Access Champions

The Patient Access Collaborative would like to recognize members who have demonstrated excellence in patient access. Below is a list of individuals who have positively impacted patient access at their health care organization by improving access workflows, breaking down access barriers, or going above and beyond their call of duty to ensure patients get access to their ambulatory enterprise. 


Aaron Amin
Radiology Call Center Supervisor, Michigan Medicine

Nominated by Lauren Esch, Radiology Call Center Manager
"Healthcare leader who stood up telehealth in less than 2 weeks in Spring 2020; revolutionized vaccine scheduling via robotic process automation - all while NEVER losing sight of the patient and the impact of our work on the patient." 


Patrick Campbell
Manager Capacity Management, Nebraska Medicine

Nominated by Ann Blanchard, Director Patient Access & Capacity Management
"Patrick's commitment had a significant impact on access to care, leading the team through the Telehealth strategy, adjustment of over 900 provider templates, adding Autosearch to 31 additional departments and 193 additional decision trees implemented FY21. "


Neil Christiansen
Patient Access Manager, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

Nominated by Darci Jeffers, Patient Access Manager
"Neil has been an instrumental player in the creation and training workflows of Covid (development of workflows, training of staff, coordination with all aspects of the patients' care)."

Lauren Esch
Radiology Call Center Manager, Michigan Medicine Radiology

Nominated by Glenn Houck, Director of Clinical Operations
"Met industry standards for multiple months in a row. Something that we had not achieved before."


Sadiqa Horne
Senior Director, Access Center Operations, Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice

Nominated by Anne Dickerson, VP of Administration and Planning
"During the height of Covid in NYC, Sadiqa led the teams (and our patients) through frequent scripting changes and a transition to remote work and telehealth with strength and grace. Her hard work and dedication kept us stable in a very unstable time."   


Jennifer Johnson
Director of Call Center Operations, USF Health

Nominated by Daniel W. Gregg, MHA, Chief Access Officer
"In her almost 2 years at USF Health, Jenni has brought a sense of calm, expertise, and support to her team.  With over 20 years of Access experience, Jenni brings healthcare call center expertise that the organization has lacked."


Keira Kimbrough
Director of Patient Access, Indiana University Health Physicians

Nominated by Lee McHenry MD, Vice President of Patient Access
"Keira Kimbrough has served as a Director of Patient Access at IU Health Physicians for 5 years.  During her tenure, she has implemented the Expedited Patient Access program for our > 1500 physicians and birthed our Provider Match scheduling algorithms."


Adrin Mammen
Associate Vice President and Patient Access Transformation Officer, Montefiore Health System

Nominated by Matthew Shore, Project Manager, Patient Access Center
"Healthcare leader who stood up telehealth in less than 2 weeks in Spring 2020; revolutionized vaccine scheduling via robotic process automation - all while NEVER losing sight of the patient and the impact of our work the patient."


Kevin O'Connell, RN
Applications Sys. Analyst Senior, UTMB at Galveston

Nominated by Rex McCallum, MD, VP, Chief Physician Executive
"Kevin keep our access data current and in integrity.  He is up-to-date on the latest thinking about how to measure access and is willing to help and support anyone who wants to learn more.  In addition, he worked with the Patient Access Collaborative too."


Tukesha Parks
Director Ambulatory Access, Wake Forest Baptist Health

Nominated by Jennifer Hayden, AVP Patient Access
"Tukesha is amazing-she transitioned her entire team to work from home on a dime, with no business disruption, opened a COVID hotline, telehealth scheduling, vaccine scheduling and outreach to underserved populations to ensure equal access to care."


Kevin Pawl
Senior Director of Patient Access, Boston Children's Hospital

Nominated by Alisa Marino, Program Manager for Patient Access
"Kevin has not only managed the increased challenges brought on by a pandemic, but he has also expanded his team and duties on an enterprise level.  He has created a culture where all hands on deck were exciting and many were happy to take on extra work."

Nominated by Susan Flath Sporn, Program Manager
"Throughout Covid 19, Kevin has continued to advocate for better access through the phone system, faster appointment times for both in-person and virtual, and simplifying workflows for our work from home employees. He has gone above and beyond every day!"


Philip Quick
Associate Vice President Access & Capacity Management, Rush University Medical Center

Nominated by Shannon Driscoll, Associate Vice President Practice Operations
Philip has dramatically increased all objective measures related to the access center during his time at Rush.  Improvements in service level, patient experience, patient access to name a few.  He also co-leads much of the Rush covid response."

Nominated by Lisa Shenouda, Manager Analytics
"Operationalizing a 24/7 covid nurse triage and hotline services overnight, transitioning twelve clinics to the access center, implemented nurse triage, a quality team, and moved 70% of the staff as work from home. "


Kalie Roberts
Process Improvement Manager, UC Health, Cincinnati 

Nominated by Michael Townsend, SR. Director Ambulatory Access
"Kalie worked weekends, and nights to ensure UC Health successfully open our Vaccine drive-thru and open our vaccine line. Kalie built scheduling templates, created workflows, designed vaccine decision trees in Epic, and scheduled our first patients."


Paul Rohrer
Director of Patient Access, The University of Kansas Health System

Nominated by Matt Baker, Program Manager
"Paul has been our leader in developing our Office of Access Management at KU.  Optimizations = centralized scheduling office, centralized template management, online scheduling, template optimizations, appointment request transitions (Epic), etc."

Nominated by Russell R. Rein, Vice President, Ambulatory Services and Practice Management
"Paul Rohrer has over two years transformed the access and patient experience performance.  He has installed access performance standards, revised provider templates, implemented Well Health, implemented synchronous video visits (900-1,500/workday). "


Martin Wortley
Assistant Director Contact Center, Texas Children's Hospital

Nominated by Grace Karon, Assistant Director Business Operations and Strategic Planning
"Martin Wortley is a shining example of someone that tries to make a difference for every individual patient access win, and takes little credit when those gains add up to hundreds of thousands of appointments! Martin is the leader for all of our scheduling decision tree build, our online strategy program, and more recently has been in charge of scheduling for COVID vaccinations. Always a proponent of leveraging technology, he made the recommendation to utilize our new Ticket Scheduling features for vaccine orders, which led us to be able to schedule 10k+ vaccine appointments in the first month. Not only could we never have realized this kind of ramp-up to get vaccines distributed without an automated tool, but we saved hundreds of thousands of dollars of scheduler over time it would have taken to get them on the schedules. I should add that he personally stayed up past midnight multiple nights in a row to get those templates built. Martin is always looking for ways to move our organization forward and shares those ideas in a way that makes other people excited to join him on that journey.

Personally, Martin is always a living and breathing representation of our organization’s core values. He is the only person I have seen to wear a tie with the Texas Children’s logo printed on it earnestly to an executive steering team presentation. He continued to wear his “Ask me about MyChart!” button long after the incentive-based competition to get a free donut and kolache breakfast, if you had the highest activation numbers, was over. He is self-described as “nerding out over templates” and can often be found assembling instructive decks (that no one requested) on how we can better utilize scheduling tactics to get more patients in the door, and faster, just to be primed for the day that a physician chief might want to learn about expanding access. He is a champion for his colleagues, he is a champion for our patients, and he is a champion for access. I am happy to be a champion for HIM in this nomination."